What is Wasa Sweden Quality?

High quality material

We always search for the best material possible for our products. For example in our press fasteners we use a high percentage of copper mixed with zinc, which makes them more solid, more easily workable and more secure in the product where they are attached. Most of our press fasteners are attached without pre-punching which makes your production line easier and price effective.

Price level

Our prices are matched to our chosen quality, this does not make us the cheapest but more importantly price-worthy.


We have an Ökotex 100 which is the highest standard available and means our products are nickelfree and safe to infant level.

Service level, ISO 9001

We are certified to make sure the service and quality level meets up to our customers requirements.

Technical support

In our technical workshop we make customized tools, tests of strength and durability and new developments.


After 60 years in this business we know a few things. Some of our staff has worked in our company for more than 30 years. This experience, which is fluently passed on to new co-workers, combined with new thinking and keeping ourselves up to date of world-development keeps us on a very high level of knowledge.

*The Öko-Tex certificates applices to our products as far as possible with deviation to specific material requests which are not certifiable under Öko-Tex.

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